The Smartest Things I’ve Ever Heard

We often go through life citing the greats: Edison, Jobs, Yousafzai… They are inspiring. They are uplifting. And more often than not, they leave us with a temporary feel-good rush that wears off before we accomplish our own greatness.

So, in honor of being productive without all the hype, I am going to share some wisdom I learned from everyday super-productive people. Friends, colleagues, and strangers.

“You don’t need to be brilliant. You need to have common sense and Google.”
JK, on how she gets sh*t done.

“He has the right to be an asshole, and you have the right not to care.”
ML, on dealing with bullies.

“I don’t like to work, and that’s what makes me a great manager. I will do everything in my power to lead, train and empower my team to do an amazing job. Could you ask for anything more in a manager?
JDR, on work ethic.

“Dogs just sniff each other’s butts, They know what’s up.”
KD, on humans being human.

“Every person has their own story.”
YT, on why you need to combine science and soul in management.

“The thorn in someone’s side always gets scratched.”
AT, on subtle persistence in the workplace.

“Why walk on eggshells when you can have omelettes every day.”
EB, on honest feedback in the workplace.

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