Small Business Marketing Made Easy

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The Secrets of Small Business Marketing Revealed!

Back in the winter of 2014 Jennifer Thomé’s husband took their infant son to view a restaurant space he wanted to lease. It was small, cramped and ugly, and had failed the three previous business owners. It was also the only space they could afford, so Jennifer reluctantly agreed to the deal. She knew it would probably fail, yet decided she would do everything in her power to market her husband’s vision.

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In the spring of 2016 – one calendar year after opening – the couple sold the booming business for six-figures and went on a family trip around the world. While her husband’s food was key to creating a loyal clientele, it was Jennifer’s marketing that brought them through the door for their first bite. In this book, she shares the strategies she used to create an awesome brand, reach customers throughout the city, get free press, and more.

This book is an open invitation to all entrepreneurs to take control of their small business marketing using strategies that take minimal time and have a maximum impact. There are no tedious instructions or detailed plans to follow. Instead, Jennifer provides a framework that any small business can adapt to meet their needs, coupled with a useful website and a free online support group.

The Eight Steps of Successful Small Business Marketing

Step 1: Stock your Digital Inventory
Step 2: Create a Brand that Sells
Step 3: Develop your Digital Real Estate
Step 4: Create Effective Advertising
Step 5: Get the Press you Deserve
Step 6: Take your Brand to the Street
Step 7: Grow your Digital Following
Step 8: Weave a Profit Network

About the Author

Jennifer Thomé is an author, award-winning product designer, and proud entrepreneur. After spending a decade in publishing, sales and marketing, she decided to start her own company, and quickly discovered that the work provided by professional marketers is often out of the reach of small business owners. That is why she set about developing a marketing framework that any business owner can use to achieve great results, even if their time and finances are limited. You can learn more about Jennifer and her mission to help small businesses at her Practical Marketing Solutions website at