Seasoned translator with native fluency in German, a strong command of modern Mandarin Chinese and classical Chinese, and ten years of experience translating text, audio, and video materials. Areas of expertise include ancient texts and modern literature, law, business, technology, and history.

  • Collated and translated internal memos and essays from German and Chinese into English for 
Mercedes-Benz’s monthly newsletter Phluency.
  • Translated and annotated military technology findings into a bi-monthly report for military leaders and heads of state.


Freelance Translator • 2012–present

  • Lotus Translation: Translated and added research-based cultural and historical explanations for a multi-generation family history of Qing Dynasty Mandarins from Classical and Modern Chinese source documents.
  • Oxford University: Translated and annotated several archaeological documents combining ancient Chinese references, complex scientific measurements, and modern scientific analysis into English.
  • CSoft International: Translated and localized technical documentation and user manuals, 
 interviews, and marketing materials.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Collated and translated internal memos from German and Chinese into English for the company’s monthly newsletter Phluency.
  • Schreiber Translations Inc.: Translated academic documents on science, technology, law and 
politics from Chinese to English.
  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine: Managed and participated in the English to Chinese translation of Wine 
Enthusiast Magazine.

Managing Editor • True Run Media • Beijing, China • 2009–2011

  • Conducted and translated over 50 interviews with local business leaders, celebrities, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Managed a team of 20+ international freelancers in Chinese and English.

Chinese Research Linguist • OpenSource.Gov/STG Inc. • Reston, VA • 2008–2009

  • Translated articles, websites, academic papers and chat forum discussions related to military science, technology and politics from Chinese to English.
  • Monitored Chinese documentaries and when needed, provided complete transcriptions and translations.
  • Created a 30,000-word glossary for intelligence community translators.

Research Assistant • Arizona State University • Tempe, AZ • 2007–2008

  • Translated several pieces of Qing Dynasty and modern literature into English for academic research use.
  • Translated several articles on botany, history, literature, and geography from German to English, with Chinese reference annotations.
  • Translated, fact-checked and edited several MBA theses.
  • Translated Latin and German literary passages into English.

Research Director • LASSO Chinese Charity Navigator • Beijing, China • 2004–2007

  • Trained an international team of researchers and translators in investigative strategies and best practices.
  • Interviewed hundreds of Chinese nonprofit employees and recipients, and provided translated reports 
to international nongovernment agencies.


International Business Management Certificate Georgetown University: 2009
Master of Arts in Chinese Studies Arizona State University: 2008 (3.7 GPA)
Advanced Chinese Language Certificate Tsinghua University: 2007
Bachelor of Arts in German Arizona State University: 2003 (3.8 GPA)
Advanced Latin Proficiency Xavier College Preparatory: 2000