The Communications Cure
75% of projects fail due to bad communication, despite the fact that 80% of American jobs are based in communications. What gives? In this workshop participants learn 5 ways that communications break down, and a guaranteed method to get everyone on the same page.

Change your Story, Change your Life
It is estimated that 80% of people are held back in their careers and personal lives by deep rooted thoughts, fears and assumptions. In this workshop, participants learn to recognize their inner narrative and how it is influencing their lives,  and then rewrite their stories to align with their goals.

Primal Productivity
Science has shown that our primal bodies have a hard time adapting to the modern workplace, leading to fatigue, illness and frustration. This workshop teaches attendants how their body struggles with the modern work environment, and how they can make simple adjustments to their daily routine to optimize their energy and unleash their full potential.

Digital Feng Shui
Feeling overwhelmed by technology? This workshop is designed for those who are overwhelmed by their email and digital assets, and teaches practical tools for organizing your digital life, and appreciating the beauty and simplicity that is can offer if we use the right tools.