About Jennifer

I am an energetic operations and team manager with a diverse background spanning media, education, government and technology companies in North America and Asia. My passion lies in creating efficient, scalable systems and working with diverse teams to unlock their full potential.

Here are the top 5 ways people have described me:

• High-performing executive with expertise in optimizing organizational processes to maximize business results in tech, media, education, restaurant, government and start-up environments.
• Enthusiastic problem-solver with keen ability to rapidly assess diverse organizational challenges, develop action plans, and lead team to exceed goals.
• Passionate team builder and mentor with extensive cross-cultural background, proven record of increasing diversity and improving performance across teams.
• Effective communicator and relationship builder who conveys information across all levels and secures buy-in, collaboration and commitment.
• Skilled strategist who transforms plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key operational targets while controlling costs and creating greater team cohesion.

And in case you’re curious, my Gallup StrengthsFinder types are Strategic, Restorative, Activator, Realtor, Ideation, and my Myers Briggs is EINFJ.