About Jennifer Thomé

Hey, Nice to Meet You!

I am a journalist, translator and author who writes about productivity, health and wellness,  food, parenthood, business and marketing, travel, and my two other homes: Germany and China.

My work has been featured at vice.com, Moving Pictures MagazineThe Global Times and Agenda Magazine, and my recipes have been published in beijingkids and on mom.me.

You can read some of my work here.

My Books

My book Don’t Smile at the Monkeys: 7 Rules Women Need to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle provides an overview of how animal behavior, biology and psychology work together to create the modern workplace, and how women can leverage their natural talents to succeed in the corporate world.

Small Business Marketing Made Easy is a summary of the tools I used to grow my husband’s 15-seat restaurant into a half-million dollar business through savvy, efficient and effective marketing methods that anyone can replicate.

I regularly host workshops on communications, social media management, personal branding, productivity, personal development and well-being.

What I write about

The Science of Productivity and Success I come from a family of psychologists and have always been obsessed with what drives people to action, and how we can use this knowledge to increase people’s wellness, health and success.

Food & Culture I began my writing career as a food writer for an expat magazine in China, and have since then used my fluency in German and Chinese to help bridge the gaps between east and west.

Women at Work While creating mentorship opportunities for hundreds of women I started seeing some patterns, so I wrote a book about it.

Communications As the third culture child of two psychologists, I learned to read people, body language and between the lines at an early age, and have been translating what I find along the way ever since.

Business & Marketing As the founding editor of china’s version on Inc. I created a hub for China’s leading entrepreneurs and nonprofits. I also consult for small to medium businesses and specialize in creating impactful marketing campaigns that build a core following.