About Jennifer

cropped-Jennifer-Thome-large-copy-2.pngJennifer Thomé is a business journalist, Chinese scholar and former intelligence researcher who writes about productivity, fulfillment and communications from a biological and psychological perspective.

She also writes about food, tea and travel.

Growing up between two countries, Thomé relied on paralingual signals to “read” situations, which sparked an intense interest in communications, both spoken and unspoken, as well as the power dynamics and psychology of every situation.

After working in Asia and completing a master’s degree in Chinese, Thomé worked as an intelligence researcher while studying business on the side. She later returned to China where she launched Beijing’s first English-language magazine about entrepreneurship and interviewed hundreds of business leaders from around the world.

During her decade-long career as a journalist Thomé noticed that professional women often shied away from media coverage and showed symptoms of “Impostor syndrome.” He research led her to write Don’t Smile at the Monkeys: 7 Rules Women Need to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle, an overview of how animal behavior, biology and psychology work together to create the modern workplace, and how women can leverage their natural talents to succeed in the corporate world.